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UV Fused Silica Bi-Convex Lenses

  • UV grade fused silica
  • ≤λ/8 surface irregularity, 20-10 scratch-dig
  • Broadband or laser line AR coatings available
  • Standard diameters and focal lengths

UV grade Fused Silica precision bi-convex lenses are designed to meet the demanding requirements of laser applications. These Bi-convex lenses are polished to tight tolerances using master test plates to ensure minimum wavefront distortion. Tight surface quality tolerances minimize scatter and unwanted diffraction effects.

UV grade Fused Silica bi-convex lenses provides maximum transmission from 195–2100 nm. It will not fluoresce under UV light and is resistant to radiation. And for high-energy applications, the extreme purity of fused silica eliminates microscopic defect sites that could lead to laser damage.

Standard diameters from 6.35 mm to 76.2 mm allow for quick, easy mounting in many standard holders when building experiments or prototypes.

Fused Silica bi-convex lenses are available either uncoated or multi-layer antireflection coated with a choice of broadband coatings or a laser line V-coating for 1064 nm.

Material: UV Fused Silica
Surface irregularity: < λ /8 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality: <20/10 (both sides)
Centration Error: < 3 arc min
Radius of Curvature Tolerance: < ±1%
Diameter Tolerance: + 0.00 / - 0.10 mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture: > 85% of diameter

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