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ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.
Fused Silica >>plano-concave Fused Silica lenses

Plano-Concave Fused Silica lenses – UV and IR grade Fused Silica plano-concave lenses according to your specifications

    • UV or IR transmitting Fused Silica
    • Anti-reflection coatings available for the UV & Visible, IR wavelengths.
    • Concave side can be used as a reflector coating substrateFused Silica plano-concave lenses

Plano-concave Fused Silica lenses are useful for a wide range of applications. UV grade fused silica plano-concave lenses are designed to meet the demanding requirements of laser applications.

Fused Silica Plano-concave lenses polished to tight tolerances using master test plates to ensure minimum wavefront distortion. Tight surface quality tolerances minimize scatter and unwanted diffraction effects.

Standard diameters from 10 mm to 76.2 mm allow for quick, easy mounting in many popular holders when building experiments or prototypes.

Fused Silica plano-concave lenses are available either uncoated or multi-layer antireflection coated with a choice of broadband coatings or a laser line V-coating for 1064 nm.

Please contact the sales team for more information. We will quote it within 24 hours.

Material: UV Fused Silica
Surface irregularity: < λ / 4 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality: <60/40 (up to 20/10 by request)
Centration Error: < 3 arc min
Radius of Curvature Tolerance: < ±1% (fit to nearest test plate)
Diameter Tolerance: + 0.00 / - 0.10 mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture: > 85% of diameter

Please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing for any custom size and coatings requirements.

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