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Optical mirrors, Infrared Mirrors, Dielectric mirrors.

Alkor Technologies provide a large variety of optical mirrors optimized for specific wavelength ranges. We produce custom high precision infrared optical mirrors: flat mirrors, concave mirrors, high reflectivity dielectric mirrors and more. We use a lot of different optical materials as a substrate for mirror: Fused Silica, optical glass, Zerodur, Sapphire, Calcium Fluoride.

These products are offered in a variety of metallic and dielectric coatings that suit all your application requirments.

Please contact us for pricing and delivery terms of your custom optical mirror!

Optical mirrors, Infrared mirror

Protected Aluminum optical mirrors

Standard protected aluminum is our most popular optical mirror coating for application in the visible and near infrared. SiO is typically used as an overcoat to protect delicate aluminum mirror coating. This treatment provides an abrasion-resitant surface while maintaining the perfomance of aluminum mirror.

Protected Aluminum: Ravg > 90% from 450 nm - 2 Ám,
Ravg > 95% from 2 - 20 Ám. Read more.

Protected Gold optical mirrors

Gold mirrors are effective for applications requiring high reflectance requiring high refelctance in the NIR and IR reflections. Since a durable coating is necessary for handling purposes, we offer gold coated mirrors with protective overcoat.

Alkor Technologies produce IR Gold optical mirrors coating on various substrates: Fused Silica, Silicon, ZnSe and other optical crystals.

Gold mirror: Ravg >96% 800 nm to 20 μm. Read more.

Dielectric Mirrors

Dielectric mirrors can be used for laser or ultra-high reflectance applications. This mirror can be designed for maximum reflection at one specific wavelength or range of wavelengths. Dielectric mirrors typically feature very low loss, >99% reflection at most common laser wavelength and can withstand moderate to high laser powers.

Whether you require custom optical fabrication or one of our many off-the-shelf IR optical mirrors, let us provide you with a prompt competitive quotation today!