ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.   ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.
ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.
Infrared optics

Infrared optics, Infrared Lenses

Alkor Technologies provides custom Infrared Optics to OEMs and researchers alike. With over 500 IR lenses, mirrors, IR windows, wedges, filters, beamsplitters and prisms specifically designed for applications in the Mid Wave (MWIR) and Long Wave (LWIR) infrared spectra, our IR optical components have been designed into countless Scientific, Machine and Night Vision applications.

Infrared optics

Alkor Technologies is able to provide state-of-the-art custom infrared optics components at a competitive price to meet the most challenging requirements. Our capabilities include IR windows, IR prisms, Infrared lenses, Infrared mirrors.

  • Hundreds of Stock IR optical Components Available
  • Design Expertise in SWIR, Mid Wave, and Long Wave
  • Flat and Spherical Manufacturing Expertise

Infrared optics

Infrared Optics Specifications
Infrared Materials Fluorides (CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, LiF)
Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) and Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)
Silicon (Si) and Germanium (Ge)
Sapphire, NaCl, KCl, KBr
Processing Techniques Conventional Polishing
Coating Reflective, Anti-Reflective, Beamsplitting, Filter, etc. from 190nm to 22μm
Optic Types Flats (Windows, Mirrors, Prisms, Beamsplitters)
Spherical (PCX, DCX, PCV, DCV, Meniscus)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing for any custom size and coatings Infrared Optics requirements.

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