ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.   ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.
ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.


1. I want to buy your optical components, what is the price?

Re: Please contact our sales team with your detail requirements and quantity, we will send you our quotation within same day for EU customers and within 24 hours for US customers. We do not issue standard prices, because specifications and quantity of optical components are varies.

2. How to order products from Alkor Technologies?

Re: You can place an order via email, fax or postal mail. We require signed formal PO with company name, address and main specifications. Our Sales will send you an order confirmation within 2 days.

3. Do you produce custom optics? I need one small prototype!

Re: Yes, Custom projects are our main speciality. Minimal sum of the order: 500 USD or Euro. Small orders below this sum can be supplied by our partners in Germany and USA. Ask for contacts.

4. What is the lead time?

Re: It is depends on products and quantity. Standard lead time: 3-4 weeks for windows, 4-6 weeks for lenses. Delivery time of your project will be indicated in the quotation.

5. How to make payment?

Payment can be made by Wire Transfer against our invoice. Term is NET 30 days for regular customers and prepay for first business. We do not accept cheque and credit cards.

6. What about quality?

Re: With more than 20 years experience Alkor has capability to produce high quality crystal optics. All optical components are fully inspected and controlled to meet customer's requirements. We are able to manufacture optical components and coatings to both MIL and GOST quality standards and are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.

7. OK, deal. How to receive parcel?

Re: Delivery by UPS on FCA terms (buyer pay for delivery). We can prepay and add freight charge to your invoice by special request (CIP terms). TNT, DHL, FedEx and other carriers are not available.

8. I have more questions..

Re: Ask Sales Team now!